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Inauguration of E-Cell on 26/07/2019 at ISM Patna. The ribbon cutting was done by Vice Chairman Shri. Deval Singh, Chief Guest Usha Jha , UG Incharge Dr. Julee Banerji ,Ms. Neeru Kumari . Panel of discussions took place where entrepreneurs from different fields interacted with the students and shared their journey of life. Success mantras were given to the new students which will definitely lead to glory. The motto of E- Cell is to foster the young minds with innovative ideas. In addition to this, session on Stress Management was taken by Ms. Nameeta Singh. Esteemed Entrepreneurs from different areas on the Dias were Ms. Usha Jha, Ms. Nikki Singh, Mr. Prateek Deo, Mr. Rahul Samrat and Mr. waiz.



ISM Patna encourages students to organise and participate in cultural activities like Music & Dance Compitition, Rangoli Compitiion, Poster compitition, Photography compitition etc

the past students of ISM Patna have organised many events like-


Apart from the regular academic and Industry Connect activities, the college is also aware of it's social responsibilities and is actively involved in the following Society Connect activities:

  • 1) computer Literacy Programme: Under the aegis of this programme, students of ISM Patna conduct computer literacy classes for the students of the primary schools of nearby villages. A batch of 15 students is selected and they are brought to the Institute’s lab every Saturday for close to 3-months.
  • 2) Internet Kiosk: The Institute has installed an Internet Kiosk in the campus to help people from nearby villages who are seeking information regarding crop varieties, current market rates of their produces, weather forecasts, information regarding doctors, etc.
  • 3) English Training: The Institute conducts English and communication training through the use of Language Lab facility in the campus. Training modules are specifically customised to cater the needs of students from nearby villages.
  • 4) Mission Leadership: Bihar is reinventing itself. It is powerfully positioned not just to participate in India’s growth story but also accelerate it. With the recent spurt in business activities in this space, there is a requirement for not just trained managers but also consummate leaders who will contribute to the development of Bihar and the country.” However there are few platforms where the youth of the state can hone their leadership skills.

In order to address this gap, ISM Patna has embarked on their yearlong “Consummate Leadership” initiative where students from the management discipline as well as entrepreneurs would be invited for participating in workshops, seminars, business games, films, role plays and many other creative programmes for free.

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