BBA and BCA are the primary choices for most of the students. These courses provide a promising career and open doors to many career options. When it comes to decide which course best suits you, the first question that comes to mind is whether you would be able to pass the course or not. Read on to know which one is better and a more feasible option compared to the others.

The Two courses are explained briefly below to help you make the best bet.

BBA – Bachelor Of Business Administration is a three-year professional course. It provides fundamental education in business management principles. BBA lays the foundation for MBA. One can specialize in one of the many specializations such as Marketing, Consulting, Finance, International Business or Real Estate.

BCA – Bachelor In Computer Applications is a three-year degree course for students who wish to venture into the world of computers. It provides a strong base for a career in computer applications. The focus is on Database Management, C++, JAVA, HTML etc. You can work in the IT sector as a system engineer or a software developer.

It is important to pursue a course which best suits your interests and strengths. BBA is a professional course, out of the three courses. It focuses on theoretical concepts like Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. B.COM is based more on fundamental concepts of Accounts, Economics and Business Administration. While BCA is a technical concept based course. Topics like C++, JAVA and computer basics are focused upon.

Compared to the three, BBA is the easiest because it is based more on theoretical concepts which can be understood easily by anyone. Whereas B.COM and BCA have a more technical approach towards the various topics.While BCA will be an easy option for a science student and B.COM will be a feasible option for a commerce student, only BBA is suitable for students of both the streams.

Since BCA and B.COM are more stream-oriented, it is rather difficult to switch between the courses if you have no prior knowledge. Whereas, BBA provides the basic knowledge of management which doesn’t require a student to have any prior knowledge.

Furthermore, if you are planning to pursue MBA later on, then BBA will provide you with the much needed basic knowledge for a career in management. Hence, BBA will be a more feasible option.

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